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Friday, January 22, 2021
Victor Herbert Renaissance Project [View Company]
COMPOSER: Victor Herbert
LIBRETTIST: Harry B. Smith


A Virtual Video of a 2015 production, the finale of the second season of the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE!, a resident company devoted solely to the works of Victor Herbert. This event is located ONLY on YouTube and tickets must be purchased from our website to obtain the link.

Here is America's first early masterpiece of musical theatre history - an operetta. The Serenade was composed by Victor Herbert, his 4th theatrical score. This is the first American score to be built around one melody which is sung by every major member of the cast in totally different styles.  It's libretto and lyrics were written by Harry B. Smith, creator of more than 300+ Broadway produced operettas and musical comedies.  In the 30s, Smith named this production his best achievement and the one of which he was proudest.  The year is 1897 and this is a fundamentally logical plot with real conflict depicted on stage.

Your $10 ticket allows on-line viewing for 24 hours on the date you purchase and is distributed as follows: Seventy Percent goes directly to the cast members of this production during this Pandemic pause in all live production.  Twenty Percent goes to the Creative Team and Ten Percent goes to VHRP LIVE!  This is your opportunity to assist in sending small but needed paychecks to these artists.    Thank you!


Bray Wilkins (Tenor) — Carlos Alvarado
Vira Slywotzky (Soprano) — Dolores
Matthew Wages (Bass) — Romero
Natalie Ballenger (Soprano) — Yvonne
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